"Big Slyde has a fresh, good natured approach to acoustic music. Their textures are delicious and their compositions are inviting. Speaking of which, I invite you to check them out." -TONY TRISCHKA

"Banjo, guitar, bouzouki, and cello - if Slyde and the Family Doan don't push your buttons, you'd better check your buttons!" -PETER CROWLEY, Ten Dollar Radio Show

When you first hear Big Slyde there are a few things you know right away: 1) That guitar picker has some kind of Latin in him (He’s Portuguese to the hilt, in fact). 2) That’s a cello, not a bass, you hear way down there. 3) The banjo player and dobro player are really, really good. Wait, they’re the same guy? Oh. Well, now you know that too. 4) In a world of whiners and wailers, the lead vocalist sings with strength, honesty and just a glimpse of vulnerability. While her bandmates groove, pluck and slide and around her, Hannah Doan is as sure-footed and responsive as a wrangler’s horse.

This is a band full of virtuosic playing. Guitarist Mikey Portal is lightning quick and a stranger to no part of the guitar neck. Lucinda Williams has a song in which she sings about a guitar player and “the worn down places in the wood, the ones that made you feel so good.” Portal plays as if every fret on that board makes him feel good. If there’s a happier player out there, I haven’t heard him.

John Doan plays banjo and dobro with casual precision. There’s whimsy and curiosity in his fingers and ears, but he never ventures so far afield as to confuse the listener. You’ll spot shades of everyone’s favorite far-out banjo and dobro players, Bela Fleck and Jerry Douglas, respectively, in his playing, but Doan’s not standing in his their long shadows. He’s his own man. Listen to his restraint on “’Do Tell’ Bagatelle.” With the whole band churning and surging, his banjo is calm and balanced, like the coolest log-roller you ever saw. And when he sings, which he does on occasion on this album, it’s with a refreshing twang that seems to say, “Despite all the grooves, this band knows country, too.”
-NED RAUCH, BrooklynCountry.com